LIFE  – After two world wars and at the start of the cold war it was perhaps unsurprisingly the physics of the atom that took centre stage in Kuhn’s analysis.  Arguably, today, life and the molecular have become the key objects of attention and concern.  How is life understood, enacted and negated in a post-genomic world?  Just as importantly, how disparate lives are drawn together in manners that are acceptable is becoming a key challenge for society more generally.

How is life being studied at Exeter – from animal-human relations to investigations into post-genomic biology, from interrogating histories of life and environmental sciences to teasing out the role of data in life science, from engaging vitalisms to the intricacies of immunologies – there is a rich and well-known body of work based at Exeter.  How do we make the most of this work, what networks can we foster, around what kind of issues or problems.  This is an open forum for anyone interested in studying life.


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